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The Premium Messaging Platform

iBulky.com came alive in 2008 with the goal of helping hundreds of thousands businesses and groups connect with their customers, clients and members. iBulky.com provides mobile marketing services, mass communication and notification solution to small and large organisations through easy-to-use and effective platform.

We partner with our clients and use mobile communication channels to help them develop strong, effective and lasting relationships with their own customers.

iBulky.com platform features Group Messaging, Personalised SMS, Custom Sender ID, Earn SMS Credit, Queue/Schedule SMS, SMS Credit Transfer, SMS Campaign for Advertisers, Validate your mobile number database, Manage SMS Contact Easily, History & Logs and Full Report, Contact Import & Export, Allow Long (concatenated) SMS and much more.

High-volume communication companies make use of iBulky.com APIs for sending millions of messages per month.

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